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Cresta E. Cavanaugh
Philosopher, activist, artist.

It was the Kens who successfully managed me out. Wolves hiding their shame in sheep’s clothing — Trump without the sociopathy.

When I first arrived in Seattle, I met another self-identifying multi-racial woman like me. Our major difference was the generational rift to which she claimed was the reason for my dinosaur-like inability to embrace “harmony” with all races. Our argument was so heated, it was close to the level of fisticuffs. Her point was that dinosaurs like me were the reason why race is still a topic in America. …

Photo credit: Vince Sparti

Imagine an office environment where it’s okay to randomly rub your co-worker’s belly when he talks about his new diet. Awkward and inappropriate, right? So, why is there so much confusion from White people about the inappropriateness of reaching out to touch my hair?

When the Asian girl in the office comes in with a new hairstyle that’s the hot topic at the office, no one even thinks about petting her head. Why is it okay to do it to us?

I was recently asked by a colleague, ‘Why are you so offended when we ask to touch your hair?’…

Photo credit: Omaree A. Johnson

A couple of years ago, I was sitting in an All Hands meeting listening to one of the various directors give over 200 employees the current state of our department. One of the directors gave a short presentation on the changing world of microbusinesses. She dove into the growing population of people with a second source of income aside from their ‘day job.’ Halfway through her presentation, she mentioned ‘I mean, I even have a side hustle.’ My ears perked up. Did this White woman just go in on her ‘side hustle?’ …

photo credit: Omaree A. Johnson

I was working at a large tech corporation during the Charlottesville protests in 2017. I remember waking up that Saturday morning and turning on the news, something that I never do. I tuned in just in time to watch a Black man run into a parking complex to escape from three white ‘protesters.’ They cornered him and beat him until he could no longer move. The camera cut pretty quickly back to the main event, and I never saw that news clip ever again.

For me, the burying of that news clip was the hardest part to swallow. When I…

photo credit: Omaree A. Johnson

With all the talk about microaggressions, it’s surprising how little we talk about it in corporate culture. The examples we see in the videos of very dejected teenagers holding up cards with hurtful expressions seem so detached from a working adult’s reality. It’s easy to dismiss microaggressions as something that the bigoted big bad wolf does rather than statements that seep into our daily conversations. So I am presenting the four microaggressions I encountered daily when working in a corporate environment. My hope is to expand our collective microaggression onus.

OMG, you’ve never seen/heard [title or person]?!

OMG, you’ve never see The Princess Bride?! The first time…

I was asked to join a hiring panel for a program intended to hire entry level field employees into corporate positions. I had the pleasure of co-interviewing candidates with a focus on career competencies. Fitness for specific roles were left for the hiring managers to assess. After a full day of interviews, all the interviewers met to review the candidates and make talent selections. While my focus was on two specific roles, I listened to conversations about the other positions. I was particularly curious about the roles that my mentees were being considered for. …

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